“There are no objects in nature, only the grueling erosion of natural force..” Camille Paglia

Powder pigments fixed on folded paper, intervened found objects and performance create the artist universe in which matter is transformed and reconstructed, expressing uncontrollable desires to fix volatile elements as a metaphor of the undeniable impermanence of human condition. Fragility and instability are core characteristics of the materials chosen to mold her work, which force the pieces to be perceived with a sense of urgency in its inscription in the present time

Cecilia Collantes is a New York-based artist from Lima, Perú.
Collantes (Lima,1982) received her education in Fine Arts and Contemporary Dance at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, University of the Arts Berlin, Danza Viva Contemporary Dance school in Lima, and the Traditional Arts Institute in Surakarta, Indonesia.
Her painting and performance works have been shown in Lima, New York, Jakarta, Bangkok and Berlin.
Solo shows include   “Liberty, Femina, Keluarga” at Biasa Art Space in Jakarta, “Foresta” at Undercurrent Projects in New York City and “Apparel” at Cecilia Gonzalez Gallery in Lima. 
She has been awarded residencies including the Eileen Kaminsky Residency Program at Mana Contemporary, Thaillywood Artist Residency and Darmasiswa Scholarship in Indonesia. 


2012   Traditional Arts. ISI Surakarta. Java, Indonesia.

2011   International Summer Workshop

             Professor Muriel Gerstner (Stage Design). Berlin University of the Arts. Berlín, Germany.

2011   International Summer Workshop.

             Professor Constanza Macras (Contemporary Dance). Berlin University of the Arts. Berlin, Germany.

2007   Contemporary Dance. Escuela Independiente Danza Viva. Lima, Perú.

2005   Fine Arts (Painting Faculty). Pontifical Catholic University of Perú.


2015    Foresta. Undercurrent Projects, New York.

2013    Liberty, Femina, Keluarga. Biasa Art Space, Jakarta.

2012    Apparel. Galería Cecilia Gonzalez, Lima.



2015     Eileen Kaminsky Family Foundation Artist Residency. USA

2014     Eileen Kaminsky Family Foundation ArtistResidency. USA

2013     Thaillywood Residency. Thailand

2012     Darmasiswa Art Scholarship. Indonesia



2011    Tempelhof Archeological Site. Tempelhof Theater Festival, Berlin.

2011    Native Color. Wainheim Kunstverein, Wainheim.

2010     The Spirit of Fugue. Emil Schumacher Museum,Hagen, Germany.

2010     Show-Room. Performance Art Depot , Mainz, Germany.

2010     Chaska. Puck’Art Dance Company, Lima.

2010     Tecnopor. El Galpón Art Space, Lima.

2010     Haz de Luz. Video Installation for Integro Theater Group, Lima.

2009     Callosum Body. Sun Festival, Piura.

2008    To Dance. E-Star Gallery, Lima.

2007     Mi Profile: Me, Me, You , Them and The Others. Fundación Telefónica, Lima.

2007     Vagalume. Peruvian - North American Institute, Lima.

2006     Female Gender. Danza Viva Dance Company, Lima.

2005     Chroma-ñón. Universidad Científica del Sur, Lima.