Large-scale mural comissioned by renowned East Village exhibit space Ideal Glass Studio in New York City.
The mural, inspired by 3000-year-old pre-Incan iconography from the Paracas culture in the Peruvian coast, depicts ancient supernatural shamanic characters colliding in cosmic space in a melange of void and colorful riot.
The mural was executed in collaboration with graffiti artist Outersource.



'PARACAS: Comrades of the Wind"
A one-night-only multimedia performance presented by Cecilia Collantes, on August, 9th, 2018 celebrating the International day of the Indigenous Peoples, which took place in front of the recently inaugurated large-scale mural collaboration with graffiti artist Outersource (US).
This performance features movement by improvisational artist Natalie Deryn Johnson, live soundscape composed by Joel Ronson, Shakuhachi flute by Adam Robinson and videos by Cecilia Collantes.