Thursday 9th, August 2018

Performance by Cecilia Collantes featuring Natalie Deryn Johnson, Joel Ronson, Adam Robinson.
Ideal Glass - E22 2nd Street, New York, 10003 NY

RSVP: Idealglass@gmail.com

PARACAS Performance.jpg



Wednesday 9th, June 2018

Mural inauguration party.
Free Entrance.
Ideal Glass - E22 2nd Street, New York, 10003 NY



Multidisciplinary artist Cecilia Collantes aka @cecikosmos is to display a large scale mural commisioned by renowned East Village exhibit space Ideal Glass. Since 2008 Ideal Glass Studio has been using its street facade to host murals in the East Village, serving the community by providing a space for creative expression.

The mural, inspired by 3000-year-old pre-Incan supernatural shamanic characters, was executed in collaboration with graffiti artist @outersource (US) and depicts ancient iconography from the Paracas culture, colliding in cosmic space in a melange of void and colorful riot.

For press, inquiries contact Theo Mahey 312 721 5755 or theo.mahey@yahoo.com

Rsvp: Idealglass@gmail.com

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1880005668729171/